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Reinforce a sense

of Clean

“Over 80% of adults indicated that odor contributed to their perception of an unsanitary space.”


Bright Space
Doctor and Patient


During these uncertain times, it is essential to reassure patients, front-line workers, and visitors. Scent can give your space a confident sense of clean, de-stress your patients, and welcome people into a calming environment


Relax Patients

“The presence of positive ambient scents can result in a lower level of anxiety, a more positive mood, and a higher level of calmness.”



Image by Arseny Togulev

Improve the Wait

“Ambient scent can reduce perceived waiting times [and] appears to result in a higher evaluation of service.”


Dr McDonnell

White Flowers

If required, odour neutralisers can be used around smoking areas or other unwanted scents 


Odour Control

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