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Successful companies understand the impact of scent on workplace productivity. Physical working environments have significant impact on work productivity.

Elements of the working environment from lighting, decor, music to smell can influence workplace productivity. You do not have to go so far as to renovate the office to make the workplace more productive. Instead, start  by employing scent strategy to uplift mood and enhance performance.

“Scent can fight fatigue and promote mental clarity, helping workers focus on their tasks. The scent of lemon reduced typing error  and speed by 54%”


Takasago Corporation 

Increase Productivity

Influence Mood

“The presence of a pleasant ambient scent improves brand evaluations and recall, especially for unfamiliar brands.”


University of Pittsburgh

Cheerful Business Meeting
Shaking Hands

Enhanced Clients


Scent increases the perception of quality and enhances your client's overall impression of your business and corporate brand.


Odour Control

If required, odour neutralisers can be used around smoking areas or  for other unwanted scents 


Image by Ruslan Zh

Pleasant Title

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