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Add the perfect touch to your special day.

Scenting your wedding is a way to create something distinctively personalized to your wedding day and tailored to your taste. To be enveloped in a scent you adore adds a thoughtful element to your wedding day. The scent of your wedding will always evoke sweet reminders of your special day any time you smell it in the future.

Adding scent to your wedding brings a nuance throughout the event; it defines the atmosphere and creates a highly personal tone throughout the day. Scent creates powerful memories and plays a key role in the mood of an event.

Special  Events

Elevate your personal event.

Scent can capture the attention of your audience and create and an inimitable and universally understandable olfactory scenery. Just as there are different outfits for different occasions, you should also have an ambient scent that suits your next event.


Large events of all types are environments that literally burst with energy and ideas, and chosen fragrances developed by master perfumers must mirror this concept in order to be effective, but they must not dominate such a setting. It's often overlooked, and yet scent can affect an attendee's mood, memory, and overall impression of an event. Scent is the only one of our five senses that goes directly into the limbic system of our brain. ... Scent also evokes memories, so it can be used after an event to renew connections with your attendees

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Take your corporate event to the next level


In the case of corporate events, an extra layer of intrigue evoked by an elusive fragrance can journey its way subtly but indelibly into the memory of event participants. The scent of your event will always evoke pleasant reminders and associations with both your brand and event,  any time they smell it in the future.

Elevating any event or occasion into a truly memorable experience lies within the power of a number of factors, not the least of which includes highly effective scenting of appropriate fragrance. Unforgettable events are always a blend of multi-sensory factors.

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