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Our sense of smell is linked directly to the part of the brain responsible for memories and emotions, so fragrance plays a crucial role in how we remember and experience things. The right scent has the power to reinforce your brand message and connect with your guests on a unique level. 

Image by Roberto Nickson

Create a sense of


“Scent brings Luxury and elegance to your space, welcoming your guests and elevating your brand.”



Lingerie Model

Elevate Mood

A pleasant aroma elevates mood by up to as much as 40 percent.  


Scent Australia


“The presence of a pleasant ambient scent improves brand evaluations and recall, especially for unfamiliar brands.”


University of Pittsburgh

Make your Brand

Create positive


Image by Maximilien T'Scharner

Diffusing scent  links your hotel with positive memories and emotions  every time they' are exposed to it

Pleasant Title

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