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The in-store retail experience is an opportunity to communicate your brand and foster loyal customers. Retailers take every aspect of their stores into account: the layout and décor, the music and lighting. Now savvy retailers have the opportunity to tap into their customer’s fifth sense, smell.

“People stay to examine products longer in stores with pleasing scented environments, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases.”


Vinitzky & Mazurksy

Increase Dwell Time

Make your Brand

“The presence of a pleasant ambient scent improves brand evaluations and recall, especially for unfamiliar brands.”


University of Pittsburgh

Image by naeim jafari

Increase Footfall

A pleasing aroma draws people into spaces they may not necessarily have entered on their own.


Drive spending & 

Boost revenue

“Placing a product in an appropriately fragranced surrounding significantly enhances the price customers are willing to pay.”


Fiore, Yah & Yoh

Boutique Clothing Shop
A Woman in a Boutique

Enhance customers

shopping Experience

Scent increases the perception of quality and enhances your client's overall impression of your business and brand.


Pleasant Title

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