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The AURA Sanctuary is a 300ml water tank device that runs for 9 hours continously.  Perfect for a spa as its warm white light creates an ambiance of tranquility. Used with your favourite AURA fragrance or essential oil will leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more.


This Ultrasonic diffuser works by breaking down 100% essential oils into micro molecules then projecting them into the air to fill a room or workspace. The diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations that vaporise the oil floating on the surface and disperse it into the air without using any source of heat, ensuring the purity and health benefits of the oil remain intact. The diffused essential oils are pleasant on the nose and can contribute to overall health and wellness.

Product size : 169 x 122mm

Water Capacity : 200ml

Auto shut-off

Power : 12W

Voltage : DC24V

Material : Faux wood and ABS

Run time up to 9hrs continuous

International IEC & South African NRCS government accredited

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